Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Community Leadership

Bhumi has identified several residents from Rasoolpura as Leadership Fellows. They are paid a stipend to learn leadership skills at Bhumi and apply them in their community. In the process, each Leadership Fellow builds improves their community, and experiences great personal transformation.

With the support of Bhumi, the Leadership Fellows are managing a thriving transformation centre in Rasoolpura. They have been at the forefront of mobilizing and engaging over 700 members of their community to support their initiatives.

Our Leadership Fellows

Sandhya Rani
Resident of Rasoolpura. Bhumi Leadership Fellow since 2008.

Sandhya’s first contact with Bhumi was at the Freedom Under Construction event in Rasoolpura. She was inspired by the idea of developing her community and joined Bhumi as a Leadership Fellow. To read about Sandhya's work at Bhumi and her story, click here

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