Thursday, April 15, 2010

'DnE 4' - Workshops this year

The Dronacharya Ekalavya Tutoring Mentoring Program at BHUMI, over the last one and half years has evolved into a structured experiential leadership learning program. Involved in community upliftment work of the program aimed at tutoring and mentoring government school children, fellows on leadership learning journeys (mentors, tutors and coaches) go through a wide range of challenging experiences. Moving between working with the children at schools to workshops where challenges and experiences are explored to enable concrete learning, fellows acquire strength of character, skills and competence in Problem Solving, Transformational Communication and Creative Entrepreneurship.

DnE 4, which concludes in May this year is the first time when the workshops have become an integral part of the learning journey. Since last year these workshops were being facilitated by a group of experienced trainers from across India. Trainers like Kiran, Reah, Siddharth, Shantan, Vikram, Vaishnavi, Vinita have enabled deep leanings and paradigm shifts for the DnE fellows.

An interesting development in the program this year has been the training of some of the core DnE team members in training and facilitation. Reah and Siddharth of ‘Paradigms Unlimited’ have enabled Pallavi Rao, Firoze Akram, Kadambini, Mahesh and Madhav, all BHUMI DnE fellows to learn concepts and tools in ‘Problem Solving and Transformational Communication’ and enable facilitation of the same for other coaches, mentors and tutors.

They have also subsequently conducted two successful workshops in the last two months.

Here is a huge CONGRATULATIONS, welcoming the birth of in-house trainers for Bhumi !!!

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