Thursday, April 15, 2010

BHUMI sets up its PR & Communications Team

As most of you know, BHUMI has grown in leaps and bounds since it was born about 4 years ago. We are really fortunate to have such a large base of volunteers and well wishers. Besides the well known programs like freedom under construction, dronacharya & ekalavya leadership development program, and RTI workshops, there is so much happening in BHUMI almost every other day. People dedicatedly working full-time have been so engrossed in what they do that as an organization BHUMI has till date not been able to setup a proper communication channel to keep its family members informed about its activities.

With a deep wish to connect to its family, BHUMI has now committed to setting up a PR & Communications team, that would be working to strengthen the communication with its family members.

Some of the things we would be doing as a part of the activities of this team are:

  1. Team would send updates to the members though a its newsletter - NAYAN
  2. All the members would be shifted to the mailing list at which shall from now on be an official members mailing list. List would be moderated by the PR Team.
  3. shall be the official mail id to which members can contact the Team, for any info to be communicated to its Members.
  4. Updates on important happenings would be available on social media channels
    facebook page:,
    twitter, at
  5. Articles written by Bhumiites, and their experiences shared in group meetings, learning circles, shall be available at the bhumi blog : please do follow it for regular updates.
PR Team would need support from members, anyone interested to join please write us at

Please do let us know suggestions and opinions

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