Sunday, May 02, 2010

Moving towards self-reliance – Investing In BHUMI

Bhumi stands for the value of sustainability. We promote it in our work at communities as well as within the organisation. It is with this intention that we are converting DnE 5 into a paid program. But this transition from an organisation seeking external funding to a self reliant one will take a while to happen. In this journey of ours, a couple of corporates have stood by us consistently, VSoft and Sonata Software and names that are note worthy.

The process of fund raising at BHUMI is driven by the community leadership fellows. Nayeem, Sandhya and Raziya Apa go to corporates who may be interested in funding us and talk to the HR and employees about the work they do. How each of their lives has changed since they have started dedicating their life to community upliftment work in their own communities and what all they are learning at Bhumi as a leadership platform. They talk about the projects they are running in the slum and how these are close to their hearts.

For example, Sandhya, a leadership fellow at BHUMI, who is a pass out from the government school of Rasulpura always dreamt that the students from the school could be more confident and vocal about their rights as students and as children. Her experience of her childhood was that, children were ok with any nonsense dolled out to them, like a hindi teacher teaching physics or sitting in the hot blazing sun in the afternoon class without a roof. She deeply connected with the Children’s Parliament (CP) program proposed by Mr Joseph Ratnam, the founder of CP in Tamil Nadu at Rasulpura, which enables children to learn their rights and responsibilities. Now she is one of the main persons running this program for the children of Rasulpura and she passionately talks about its funding needs to corporates.

In this way corporates are able to connect with exactly where their money is being invested and what transformations it will bring about.

If you guys have any more corporate leads. Please let us know!

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